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Home on Cameron is arranged with room settings. Scaled to Old Town living or your Condo. Setting can easily be expanded for a larger space.


Our Hours are:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 11-5
Wednesday – 11-5
Thursday – 11-7
Friday – 11-5
Saturday 11-5
Sunday – Closed

We are trying to create a relaxed atmosphere, children and dogs are welcome.

Design Services

Home on Cameron provides a one-stop shop for ideas, education and advice. Todd and team also offer in-home consultations for more involved design work including remodeling consultations.


We believe in quality. Quality come in many forms, but easiest to find when someone is doing what they love. Working with talented local craftspeople means that we can work with them, to come up with the best solution. We do not build furniture, install electricity, or sew draperies. We work with people who know these processes better then we do. We can then present products with a sense of style and craftsmanship.


Orginal Art is one of the best ways to personalize your space. We have curated our collection with a variety of styles with the advice of Gregg Peoples, Old Town Fine Arts. With our goal to show furnishings in a room setting a piece of art finishes out the space. Our collection will change often. Make sure to check in and see what is new.


Life is about choices. You can choose to come in the store and take home a room we have created. Have the pieces delivered and start enjoying. But, we are also able to change a comfort level, color, pattern ,and texture of fabrics. Most of our upholstered pieces also came in other sizes, love seats, sofas, and sectionals. The store is about creating the space you desire, ask us how to help find the pieces you desire.


Fabrics do many things in a room. You touch fabric, it has a weight and texture. More fun is that fabric provides color and pattern in a room. Simply adding new pillows can change the way a room feels. Fabric is a great way to make you smile when you come home. We have access to every type and color of fabric. If we do not have it in the store we can find what you need.